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Rules Post

Please read these rules carefully before signing up. You need to agree to them all and be willing to complete this fest.

We will be asking in your sign up form whether you have read them so please take plenty of time to do so.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with a mod here.
1. Both artists and writers are encouraged to sign up. There is no limit to how many people can enter and if you wish to enter both art and fic, simply sign up twice.

2. By signing up, you will be requesting to receive a gift. This means that you must agree to creating something in return. Any medium can be used (for example fic, art, graphics, fanvids etc.).

3. By signing up, you are agreeing to fulfill this fest. Sometimes life throws curveballs and we understand if you are unable to meet deadlines. If you need one, we will allow an extension and - in the most serious cases - allow for someone to drop out. We will ask if anyone is willing to pinch-hit, but please consider them if you plan to drop out and give as much time before the deadline in doing so.

4. Be as detailed as possible. If you want a story about fluffy rhinos cuddling up to Itachi and Naruto and it’s snowing, put those exact specifications down. The more you say, the better your gift will be and the less likely you’ll receive something you don’t like.

5. You cannot choose which prompt you will fill or who you will create your work for. Community mods will be matching people with a combination of kinks/squicks, preferences and random generators.

6. All works must be cleaned up and beta-ed.

7. All works must be able to stand alone (i.e. not part of a current series of fics) and must be completed.

8. Make sure you are happy with your submission. We will not beta stories or check artwork for you and it is expected that they have already undergone such processes.

9. We [the mods] reserve the right to return any fanwork we feel does not meet the minumum standards we have set and/or the details in your given prompt.

10. In the posting stage, fanwork creators will not be revealed. We will put names back in once the reveal post goes up (after everything is posted, depending on how many entries we receive) and we ask that you do not post anywhere else until this is done.

10. Be nice and have fun!

Basic guidelines for submissions:
Fanfiction must be 2500 words minimum.
Fanvideos must be 1 minute long.
Fanart must be a complete piece.

There is no maximum value for any fanworks. Remember it’s quality not quantity and this swap is all about fun.

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