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Ever had a plot and wanted it so much, yet it just wouldn’t work? Ever wanted an exact situation translated into art before? All you have to do is ask!

We’re here to encourage both new and old fans in the ItaNaru community to dig out those old prompts and have your dream-story come true. We welcome less-confident, new fans who are looking to get right into the heart of the ItaNaru community, as well as bring together our corner of the fandom.

This is a prompt-based fest around the pairing Itachi/Naruto (or Naruto/Itachi if you’d prefer) from the manga&anime Naruto. We are open to all scenarios, kinks, worlds, fanwork forms and people.

Want to give a gift to the ItaNaru community and receive one in return? Check back on 24th November when sign ups open.

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Please note that this is just a rough guide for the moment. More information can be found here

Now until the 24th November - Preparation.

24th November - Sign ups open.

22nd December - Sign ups close.

23-29th December - Assignments out.

28th January - Check in

26th March - Assignments due.

1st April - Posting begins!

Your mods are flypaw and tx_minion. We also draft in akiru_chan for a bit of extra help if needed.

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Recently, it seems that the Naruto fandom in general is dying out. Our goal with this fest is to encourage both new and older writers in the Itachi-Naruto centric corner to write something.

We plan that March will be flooded with brilliant examples of why we can't let this fandom die and show the others how it's done.

We want to inject new life and blood into ItaNaru and join together in a way - to get to know each other more and stretch our comforts and give someone a truly worthwhile gift.